My name is Nedelca Alin, I am 36 years old, and I am from Baia Mare, Maramureş county,

God has blessed my family with two boys. Răzvan, the older one, is 13 years old, and Cătălin, the youngest, is 9. They are the light and soul of my family. Only a parent can understand what I am trying to say, a parent that loves their God given angels.

Sometimes I wonder why people have to suffer. As I write these words, I cannot help but wonder if they will reach somebody’s heart… Will I have the strength to overcome this misfortune that has fallen upon my family? I bow before you and beg you to give my son Razvan a chance.

Our problems started in 2009 at INTERSERVISAN hospital in Cluj Napoca, when following some tests, we were told that my son had mucus accumulating in his ear. The accumulation was to be sucked and treated. After the intervention, my son started complaining about terrible headaches. I decided to have him tested with an MRI in Cluj-Napoca because we do not have the necessary equipment in Baia Mare.

Time stopped for a few seconds and I thought that everything was over when the doctor read the MRI and told us that my boy had a brain tumor. We were referred to DR. PROF. Florescu, a neurosurgeon, for the surgery that took place at the end of the year 2009. The doctor said that the surgery had been successful, giving us confidence that there will not be any more problems.

Joy, emotions and tears overwhelmed us all, the nightmare was over; but not for long. Today, 2 years later, we are facing the same painful moments, the same disappointments, for at the 2 year examination, the MRI confirmed that the tumor relapsed. DR. Florescu’s words were: „he has to undergo surgery again”

I started looking up information, documenting, until I stumbled across a helping hand; I heard about DAN SANTIMBREANU, a man that had known the pain and survived in the battle with the condition. We found hope in him, and he guided us to the clinic where he had had surgery, at INI HANNOVER in Germany. We sent my son’s test results to this clinic and Prof. Dr. R. Fahlbusch replied that the surgery can be done successfully and it must be done as soon as possible, but the total cost of the surgery and the medical care rises up to 50.000 euro, cost already confirmed by the clinic.

At this moment, neither do I have this amount of money nor do I have the means to obtain it in such a short time, and we cannot be provided with the E 112 form ( from the National Health Association) because the surgery can also be done in Romania, even though there are slim chances of it having no consequences.

I have listed the following accounts for those who think they can help us by donating or by sharing the information with companies that have the possibility of offering me their support:

Paypal Donations:

Bank donations:
BCR Baia Mare Branch – account holder NEDELCA ALIN

– EURO RO93RNCB0182125040580002

– LEI      RO23RNCB0182125040580001

ING Baia Mare Branch – account holder NEDELCA ALIN

– LEI      RO49INGB0000999902781407

BRD Baia Mare Branch – account holder NEDELCA ALIN

– EURO RO82BRDE250SV55245462500

– LEI      RO86BRDE250SV55245382500




For further information you can contact us at 0743622397 (Alin Nedelca)

You can also help us by putting up this banner on your site:

<a href="https://nedelcarazvan.wordpress.com/" target="_blank">
<img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dRNZ2mYHbCY/TyRTu8EODII/AAAAAAAAC6o/IlyfhQKfpnY/s400/Untitled-1.png"
alt="Save my childhood" width="100%" /></a>

Thank you for your support and understanding given.


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