Romanian Orthodox Episcopy of Maramureş and Sătmarului

Baia Mare, Avram Iancu St., no. 5; Tel.: 0262.21.46.14: Fax: 0262.21.25.46


Social Missionary Sector

No. 1473 from November 29, 2011






We hereby certify that Mr. NEDELCA Alin, with residence in Baia Mare, Bucovinei St., no. 6/5, is registered within our institution as a social case, having his son Alin, age 13, diagnosed with brain-pontine glioma (brain tumor), the surgical intervention being estimated at 45.000 Euro. His family has limited material resources, being helped various times by the social missionary sector.

We hereby ask you to please, in the limit of your possibilities and resources and in the spirit of the Christian solidarity, to organize a money gathering and to offer him a financial support, helping this way to saving a life.

The present is issued to serve him at obtaining the financial support within the Baia Mare Archpriestry, where the consent of the Missionary Social Sector is needed.


With the consent of His Holy Archbishop Justinian CHIRA.


Missionary Social Concelor,

Priest JICĂREAN Virgil

[Illegible signature]

[Official stamp of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopy of Maramureş and Sătmarului]


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