Name: NEDELCA Alin

Personal number: 1981217245021

Date of birth: December 17, 1998

Date of exam: November 14, 2011

Diagnosis: Operated tumor of the posterior fosse

Brain IRM + S.C.:


Post operation modifications at the level of the posterior fosse, right parasagital, with diffuse secondary gliosis at the level of the right brain hemisphere.

Post-contrast, at the level of the right parasagital posterior fosse, we can observe a round-oval formation with inhomogeneous structure, located in the right of the bulb-pontine junction and of the bulb, with invasion of the ventricle IV in the right parasagital segment, with mass effect on the brain trunk, with the following approximate dimensions AP 33 mm, CC 29 mm, LL 26 mm.

Capitation of the paramagnetic contrast substance for post operation state for residual/ recurrent tumor of the posterior fosse (astrocytoma).

Examining doctor: Dr. PREDA Dan

Code: 068531

[Official stamp of the doctor1

[Illegible signature]

[Official stamp of HIPERDIA S.A. Cluj]




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